[Defunct AZ 79]

Current route: Defunct, but recycled
Historical route I: JCT US 89 north of Prescott to JCT US 66/89 at Flagstaff
Existed: 1934 - 1941
Historical route II: Cordes Junction to Flagstaff
Existed: 1954 - ?

The first alignment followed what became US 89A, then AZ 89A.

The second alignment followed what was to become I-17. I think AZ 79 was a temporary designation for I-17 while under construction, as it doesn't seem to have had an independent existence before the construction of I-17. While under construction, the Cornville Road was TEMP AZ 79 to US 89.

In 1968, AZ 79 was cut off south of I-40 and only existed between it and BL-40/US 66. I don't know when it was totally eliminated. It's now AZ 89A.

Decades later, the AZ 79 number was reused for a decertified section of US 89.

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Last updated 12/25/2000