[AZ 79]

Current route: JCT AZ 77 at Oracle Jct. to JCT US 60 at Florence Jct.
Historical route: Part of US 89

This number was recycled for the southern leg of US 89 that was decertified, but wasn't multiplexed.

[Business AZ 79]
AZ 79 has one business loop, in Florence. It's the only Arizona state route with a signed business loop. Others may have "Business District" signs, but they don't have actual BUSINESS markers.

[Pinal Pioneer Parkway]
The southern leg is the Pinal Pioneer Parkway. If it looks like something is missing from this sign, you're right.

[Old Pinal Pioneer Parkway]
This is the original design. Time and vandals have taken their toll. (Photo: ADOT)

[Gila River bridge]
1957 Gila River bridge. (Florence)

[Tom Mix memorial]
Tom Mix Memorial, erected at the spot where he was killed in a car wreck.

See also the defunct AZ 79.

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Last updated 5/2/2001