Motoring in New Zealand,

or, Driving on the Left Side of the World

These are pictures from my trip to New Zealand in October 2001.

[New Zealand map]
(Click to enlarge.) The blue line is the outbound path and the green line is the return path. For those that want to follow along, I took:

Click on any picture to see a bigger version. Note that the big versions may be up to 672K.

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[Auckland Harbor Bridge]
Auckland Harbor Bridge, as seen from the Sky Tower. This is State Highway 1 (SH 1).

[Harbor Bridge underneath]
The underside of the bridge. The center span was opened in 1957, and the Japanese-built "Nippon Clip-Ons" were added to the outside in 1969.

[Restrictive signal
A typical restrictive signal in Auckland. Note that since traffic drives on the left side of the roadway, a left turn is equivalent to a North American right turn. Turns on red are not allowed in New Zealand. The red arrow is to give pedestrians a chance to cross without conflicting traffic.

[Pedestrian detector]
A typical pedestrian detector. The arrow plate vibrates when the walk signal is on, for the benefit of vision-impaired pedestrians. Normally the pedestrian signals are dark until a button is pressed. Then, the "Don't Walk" symbol lights. After going through the "Walk" and flashing phase, the pedestrian signals go dark again.

[City street]
City street with two-way right turn lane in the center.

[Urban street]
Urban streetscene downtown. Note the protected right-turn signals. Despite driving on the left, for some reason this signal pole is over the right lane.

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