[AZ 88]

Current route: JCT US 60 at Apache Jct. to JCT AZ 188 at Roosevelt Dam
Since: 1927
Historical route:JCT US 60 at Apache Jct. to JCT US 60 at Globe

[Apache Trail Historic Road]
This is the historic Apache Trail, following the Salt River to Roosevelt Lake. Most of the road west of the Roosevelt Lake is little changed from the 30s.

[Salt River]
It's unpaved, with tight winding curves and one-lane trestle bridges. Before the construction of the Beeline Highway, traffic from Phoenix had to follow the Apache Trail to Roosevelt Dam, then follow AZ 188 over the dam.

Some of the road near the dam was rerouted to accommodate the reconstruction of the dam, and when US 60 was moved to the Superstition Freeway, AZ 88 was extended to meet it. In 2000, the leg east of Roosevelt Dam was transferred to AZ 188. ADOT has a policy against two route numbers serving the same two points.

[Fish Creek Hill]
The white-knuckle Fish Creek Hill.

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Last updated 1/17/2002