[AZ 84]

Current route: JCT I-8 to JCT AZ 287/387 in Casa Grande
Historic route: Tucson to Gila Bend

Only a small segment of this route remains. It was at one time a main shortcut for traffic heading west from Tucson to San Diego, since it was a shorter route than US 80. The westbound I-10 frontage road from Tucson to Eloy is part of the old highway. Another piece still exists as Business Loop I-8 in Gila Bend. I-10 and I-8 replaced most of this route.

[End AZ 84] [I-10/AZ 84 exit]
In 1998, the route between Eloy and Casa Grande was decommissioned. This is part of a very old interchange -- note the substandard exit.

[AZ 84 railroad viaduct] [Viaduct CG crest]
The old Southern Pacific underpass at Casa Grande. The right side was built in 1936, and the left in 1962. The crest is over the pedestrian tunnel.

[Old bridges] [Old bridges closeup]
Another old set of bridges, in Gila Bend. They're now Business Loop I-8. The bridge in the foreground is from 1934, and the other is from 1960.

[Abandoned AZ 84]
Abandoned section of AZ 84 between Casa Grande and Gila Bend.

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Last updated 7/4/2007