[AZ 487]

Current route: Never commissioned
Historical route I: JCT AZ 87 south of Happy Jack to JCT US 89A at Flagstaff
Historical route II: Proposed as JCT AZ 87 near Winslow to Heber

ADOT considered adding the Mormon Lake road to the highway system in the early 1970s. Although it shows on some ADOT maps from that era, it was never added to the system and disappeared by 1974.

[AZ 487 map]

This route shows up in Microsoft's Streets '98 (data by Geographic Data Technology). It does explain where the missing x87 route is. It's currently National Forest Highway 3.

A 1970 AAA map shows AZ 487 as a proposed route following AZ 99's route toward Heber.

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Last updated 4/7/2002