[US 70]

Current route in Arizona: NM line near Franklin to JCT US 60 at Globe
Length: 122 mi
Established: 1927
Current route nationally: Atlantic, NC at the Atlantic Ocean to Globe, AZ

Historical route I in Arizona: NM line near Springerville to Holbrook (roughly current US 180)
Historical route II in Arizona: NM line near Franklin to CA line near Ehrenberg
Historical route nationally: Atlantic, NC to Los Angeles, CA

Junctions:US 60, AZ 77, AZ 170, US 191, AZ 75

See also US 70 End-to-End

This is another long US highway cut short due to multiplexes and Interstates. Since US 70 was multiplexed all the way from Globe to Los Angeles with US 60, that double-designation was dropped in 1969.

[The Old West Highway]
US 70 is The Old West Highway throughout Arizona. US 60 also shares the designation between Apache Junction and Globe.

[Coolidge Dam]
The original alignment of US 70 went over the 1930 Coolidge Dam. A mid-50s realignment moved the highway to the north side of the lake and a new bridge, but you can still drive over the dam.

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