[AZ 95]

Current route I: JCT I-10/US 95at Quartzsite to JCT I-40 near Topock
Current route II: California border near Needles, CA to JCT AZ 68 at Bullhead City
Historic route: San Luis to Bouse

The southern segment from San Luis to Quartzsite became US 95, a rare case of a state route becoming a US route, rather than the reverse.

[JCT US 95/AZ 95]
As can be seen here, they do intersect, in the middle of Quartzsite.

AZ 95 north of Quartzsite was rerouted on a more direct route to Parker, and took over part of AZ 72. The old road to Bouse still exists as a county road.

[AZ 95s] [Truck AZ 95]
The short road connecting AZ 95 to CA 62 is one of Arizona's few marked SPUR routes. For some reason, it's also marked with a TRUCK sign. However, TRUCK routes are normaly bypass routes, and that isn't the case here. I think someone just thought it appropriate for this sign.

[To CA 62] [To AZ 95]
The respective state routes are marked on both sides of the border. Good job!

There is also a SPUR AZ 95 at Parker Dam, and an unmarked BUSINESS AZ 95 in Lake Havasu City.

[London Bridge]
In Lake Havasu City, AZ 95 connects to the London Bridge. If you count the time it spend over the Thames, it's the oldest bridge in Arizona.

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