[AZ 80]

Current route: JCT I-10 at Roadforks, NM to JCT Business I-10 at Benson
Historic route: Part of US 80

US 80 became AZ 80 on this decertified segment.

[Mule Pass Tunnel]
The 1958 Mule Pass Tunnel.
[Mule Pass marker]
Before the tunnel was built, the road wound over the pass.

[Entering Tombstone] [Boot Hill]
AZ 80 passes through historic Tombstone.

[Allen St Y intersection] [Old Rt 80 sign]
The original route for old US 80 in Tombstone was down Allen St. through this intersection. It was relocated a block north (about 1963) to avoid the historic district.

[Geronimo monument] [Geronimo plaque]
Moument to Geronimo's surrender. (near NM state line)

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Last updated 8/16/2002